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Issue #05



Asian Civilisation Museum
Visiting the Asian Civilisation Museum was eye-opening and I felt like I had gained a new perspective after visiting the museum. I believe that most of the history I know was written in a Western perspective. The exhibitions featured different artefacts that showed how the cultures overlapped in Asia. Being a big fan of history, the trip was extremely insightful and inspiring. The jars on the left are a mix of Asian and European components and was produced during the 18th century.


(Artistic Director)

Wanton Mee (2015)
Director: Erick Khoo
Available on Netflix
A local story about food, places, and its people…

Matthew Goh


Title: Failed it by Erik Kessels
Author: Erik Kessles
Failure, as defined by Google: 1. Lack of success 2. The neglect or omission of expected or required action 3. The action or state of not functioning Sounds awful but… Let’s face it, we’ve all failed in one way or another so how can we re-imagine failure such that it doesn’t get the better of us? Could what creates failure be a recipe for producing something new and exciting? In this book, Failed it! by Erik Kessels, it encourages us to have the courage to fail. Inside lies many ‘failed examples’ that inspired me to see failure differently. From manufacturing defects, imperfect photographs, and illogical architectural designs. These things may seem wrong at first but it’s from the wrong that could inspire us to think differently. So, when the going gets tough and it feels like all hope is lost. Let’s fail gracefully and get inspired by our mistakes.

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