Redefining Movement

Photo: Bernie Ng
Photo: Bernie Ng

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Pacing - The movement of time (2022/23)

Over time, we have each individually and collectively developed mental and physical schemas to make sense of the world around us. New models of thinking and acting in the world are marked by moments of transition and change. When such shared knowledge arises and creates different perspectives, we reconstruct the pacing of our activities – taking up new positions within the context of biological, ecological, social and technological paradigms.

Each body-mind operates on an inner-time, complete with its own rhythm and pace. Constantly navigating external realities, it reworks and replays past experiences that seek expression, combining it with new input to not only connect and communicate, but also to generate new perspectives. Arguably, the synchronisation of many different paces (or inner-times) across individuals give rise to cultures and traditions. But to enter into a new era of growth, we need to recognise our own narratives, examining the pacing of our inner-times. Only by understanding what gives rise to our authentic selves, can we begin to grieve the losses in this day and age, whilst marking new moments of transition with new rhythms going forward.

2022/23 Season

A Little RAW Company (Aug 2022)

Research & Development (Sep 2022)

Run Another Way (Dec 2022)

Rawground (Feb 2023)