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Photo: Bernie Ng

Issue #13

Ebelle Chong

(Company Manager)

Title: Joy to the World (Album 2010)
Artist: Pink Marthini
Pink Martini + Christmas + Rainy Days + Fairy Lights = What more can I ask for


Abel Koh

(Production Manager)

I usually celebrate Christmas with good food. After the season of fasting in Advent, finally being able to eat all sorts of food, like a good roasted chicken with root vegetables with the family after Christmas Mass. 

We have a Christmas tradition in my family of having a good meal together and giving each other presents. One of the gifts that we enjoy giving are Christmas crackers. I suggest getting the ones from L’Occitane en Provence and it makes a good secret santa gift or a gift to give friends and family.

Matthew Goh


It has been a tough year, and we all deserve a little break this Christmas. What better way to spend the quiet afternoon massaging those tight muscles with OTO handheld massager. With 5 speed levels and 4 massage attachments to choose from, that special someone will be smiling from head to toe :p

Natasha Fawzi


It’s my favourite time of the year!!! What I love most about Christmas is the hype that leads up to the actual day. The Christmas decorations on the streets and in the malls, the Christmas songs on the radio and everywhere else never fail to make me happy. My go-to Christmas songs are All I Want for Christmas, Last Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Jackson 5) and any Pentatonix Christmas song.

For gifts, I personally prefer asking the person who’s receiving to give me a list of items that they want. That way my money won’t go to waste. I also prefer to use solid colours for gift wrappers to make the gift look more exclusive. I like to choose my recipient’s favourite colour, black, wine red or tan for a more contemporary look. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly gift wrapping option, you can use scarves to wrap your gifts! There are many tutorials online and they are really cute! Have fun this Christmas everyone!

Niki Tang


Christmas has always been a favourite for my family. Pre-covid, we will always have guests over, either on the eve to countdown for Christmas, or on the day itself.  My favourite part of the celebration would definitely be the table of food prepared by my amazing mother, and the secret Santa gift exchange!

A good gift to get for secret Santa would be a box of nice tea. Other than it being gender neutral, each tea holds different heath benefit. I really enjoy the tea from The 1872 Clippers Tea Co., their 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar will definitely be a wise choice as the receiver gets to try 12 different flavours in one gift!

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